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Feedback from Participants 

Recommended. Mike is such a good teacher – gentle, non-judgmental and patient – and he radiates peacefulness.

Dick Derwent



This course is brilliant, I thoroughly recommend it to anyone who suffers. I suffer with anxiety, and this course and Mike has taught me to be with the present, be mindful and to understand myself more without getting frustrated at the way I feel. I 100% feel as if I no longer worry about the past or future, and I now just accept my thoughts, work with them, and let them go. 
   Mike is fantastic, a super star, he makes you feel so comfortable and the fact that he has been through suffering makes it all that much better as he talks from experience. He does not judge when you talk about your experiences and he is very supportive, always with a smile on his face. Without him and this course I would still be suffering mentally and I owe him so much thanks for opening my eyes and my mind. 

   If your umming and ahhing about booking, just go for it, you won’t regret it..! 

Looking forward to growing, and progressing my mindfulness from now on. Thanks mike x

Leanne Green

Just finished this 8 week mindfulness course, I do really recommend it to anyone, sufferers and also non-sufferers. 
As I have already done bits and pieces of meditation before I didn’t really think I would learn much from it, but so I went, in my head thinking to have the experience but not really to learn, but I was wrong. I found this course very enlightening and I truly believe that practising mindfulness can lead to a happier and healthier life. 
   Mike is a fantastic teacher, the course structure is simple and effective to follow, and moving forward allows you to live life without judgement, and hope he continues to change peoples lives. 

Thanks again Mike 🙏

Karla Snow



A truly interesting and inspirational eight weeks. Mike is a dedicated and compassionate teacher, and I would definitely recommend this course to anyone who wants to lead a less stressful and more focussed and positive life. A great learning experience which I will take into the future. Thank you Mike.

Sue Kateley

I have just finished an eight week mindfulness course with Herts Compassion and although I have found the course both challenging and insightful, it has ultimately been one of the best experiences I’ve had as it made me to look at the way I meditate by being able to be present in the moment and has enabled me to appreciate what is happening in my surrounding, It’s almost like I have new eyes to see and observe the beauty of what is going on around me.
Learning techniques such as appreciating mindfulness eating and all round awareness has given me the tools to help with anxiety and panic attacks. By being able to take a step backwards and observe my behaviour and feelings towards the situations that have caused me distress has really helped in calming me down in the present moment.
Also using the body scan technique that Mike has shown us on the course has enabled me to sit and safely connect to a body that I have been mentally avoiding due to my disability.
I highly recommend this course if you are looking to take meditation a step further and learn techniques to help you appreciate what life has to offer. Mike is a great teacher who is very compassionate and understanding and wise beyond his years.
I also recommend that you do the full eight weeks as it makes a lot of difference as your learning and understanding changes over the time that you are on the course.

Sue Ross


I couldn’t recommend this course enough. I have been going through a very rough patch in my life.This course help me a lot. It taught me ways on how to deal with thoughts and how to help stop my mind from wandering. The instructor is very kind and understanding and involves everyone. He teaches different meditation techniques. I found that the course is really well laid out and the material is very good and easy to follow. Thank you for your help running this course.

Colin Manning



I went into this course without knowing anything about mindfulness and it’s benefits. 8 weeks later at the end of the course, I not only feel like I have an in depth understanding of it, but I have gained invaluable experience of how to apply it to my every day life. This has helped endlessly in attaining a less stressful life! I also felt like the course provided an unexpected, unpressurised counselling forum which I think everyone could benefit from...even those, like me, who didn’t know they were in need of it!

Lisa Bonnici

Mike was a brilliant teacher. He was down to earth, kind and approachable. I was very nervous about starting the course, but as soon as I walked into the room Mike put me at ease. 

The course taught me a lot, I found it hard to fit it meditating and turning up to each class around work and life commitments. But there was no judgment if I missed anything, only acceptance. 

   If you want to understand more about mindfulness in a relatable, relaxed and inclusive way, then this is the course to do it on. If you need help learning how to stop for just a few minutes and to turn off all the worrying and inner self chat then this is the place to go. 

   Thank you Mike for helping me start to get some peace.

Jemma Osborne



This is such a great course, I really enjoyed it. Mike is so knowledge and patient. It isn't just meditation, the information and knowledge that is shared is very interesting. I've no doubt I will attend another course.

Nicola Wolff 


Initially I chose to attend Mike’s meditation course to see if there were any strategies I could use for the pupils in the school I work at. I have always been intrigued about mindfulness and its benefits but I hadn’t really thought about needing it myself. However, after a couple of sessions it became a life changer for me. To spend time meditating, taking each day as it comes and changing my mentality on some of my life outlooks has made a huge difference. I am much more positive in general and even during really tough times at work, many staff commented on how calm and optimistic I was. I really believe this was through a change in mind set from completing this course.

   Mike is a fantastic teacher. He spends a lot of time discussing our feelings and the impact of meditations. During each week there is time to reflect on our practices and the handouts really help to consolidate the meditations that we have learned. Mike will give suggestions if some aspects are proving challenging and most importantly, is never judgemental. You are always made to feel exceptionally welcome and Mike would be available whenever we needed for extra support or advice. 

   I would highly recommend this course to anyone, regardless of needs or where you are at in life. It will teach you some essential life skills in order to get you through the day to day hustle and bustle, but also alter your thoughts to a much more positive viewpoint. I am very grateful for having this opportunity and would highly recommend Mike.

Rachel Howes

Having just completed the Mindfulness Meditation (MBCT) course with Herts Compassion I truly believe everyone should do this. I don't think a person exists that would not benefit from this course and the way Mike teaches. I entered the course with an open mind but fairly low expectations. I have a busy stressful life, like most people do. Parenting, running a business and trying to maintain a tidy house leaves little time for myself, meaning I often found myself snappy, stressed, and emotional. The course really has changed my thought process from within. How we feel in that split second does not define us. A negative thought can come and go, it doesn't have to cause arguments or ruin our day. Mike taught me this and it has genuinely changed the way my brain works! We will always be busy and unfortunately bad things will always happen in the world, so we must learn to cope in a way that does not damage us long term. I was the typical 'put on a brave face to the world' kind of person but sooner or later we explode. During the course I felt like a weight had been lifted. I am looking forward to a brighter, stress free more positive future, filled with love, laughter and meditation. Thank you Mike. What a great teacher!

Nicola Hankin 

Fairly new to mediation mike taught a lot of new methods which I am starting to use in every day life. He is a really good teacher very fun and includes everyone!!! More people should try his beginners course as it’s a great introduction!! Thanks again mike! I will definitely be coming to your drop ins!!

Lee Burton

This course could literally change your life. It will teach you how to be with yourself amidst a world full of chaos and distractions. Learn how to break the habits of negative thinking and mental suffering and cultivate a compassion and calmness into your life. Mike is a great teacher with a friendly and approachable manner. If you are looking to make positive changes to your life, this Mindfulness meditation course could be what you are looking for. 

Glenn Everade

I started the meditation course because I was having difficulty sleeping. I happened to hear about Herts Compassion Mindfulness Meditation at a time I was getting on average around 4-5 hours sleep per night. I had tried so many natural remedies but non were effective. It felt like I just couldn’t switch my mind off and with increasing anxiety around sleep this compounded the problem. I look back at my ‘home practice’ notes which are recommended daily while on the course and I seemed unnaturally preoccupied by sleep or the lack of it! Within 2-3 weeks my notes barely mention sleep, freeing my mind up to appreciate all the good things in my life. Now, having finished the course I am committed to practising meditation exercises daily to continue to build on foundations laid down while training to experience a happier and more fulfilled future.

Gill Brame

I was lucky enough to have been invited to one of Mike's courses for mindfulness meditation.

Having seen how good and enriching it has been for Mike, i was certainly keen to try.

I found the course interesting and uplifting, Mike is certainly very compassionate. I'd say we were quite a diverse group, all from various walks of life and different reasons for being there. Yet with Mike leading we certainly all felt like we were on a level playing field.

As the weeks went on we experienced different and varied meditations enabling us to experience what worked for us, within our remit.

   Mike has a lovely manner, a great voice to listen to for guidance, and is very compassionate with that all important need for hummour and understanding. I believe he has chosen a great career path and has been seen working with young aswell as more experienced adults, yet remaining professional at all times. 

   Thank you Mike. I look forward to dropping by one Sunday evening. I will of course carry on recommending you too.

Best wishes

Karen Brennan

I must confess I was somewhat sceptical when I embarked on my Mindful Meditation course with Mike however it became apparent quite quickly that this was going to be a life changing experience! My whole approach to life has now changed, the practices you learn really do focus the mind and body on the here and now. I no longer worry about what could on been or what might be, I have learn't to appreciate the present.

   Stress and anxiety are no longer an all consuming demon, they are something that can be tackled head on and defeated with the tool's I have aquired from this must do course.

Kind Regards,

Tom Brennan

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