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Herts Compassion Community Work

Shelter and Refuge Mindfulness

At Herts Compassion we would like to maintain our community focused hearts and minds, so to support the local community we are teaching mindfulness in some of the local shelters and refuges of which we are already receiving very positive feedback, experiencing great enthusiasm and results from the participants, 

Herts Compassion for Fathers #BeMindful

Support group for Fathers and Paternal Grandparents suffering from parental alienation, coming soon to Westmill Community Centre in Hitchin. If you have been alienated from your child due to a none complying mother or for any other reason please don't hesitate to get in touch with us immediately. I have suffered 10 years of parental alienation due to a prolific none complying mother, a maternal family and a number of step-fathers. The impact of this is horrific to Father and Child but no one can fully understand what it's really like unless they have experienced it for themselves. If this is affecting you, a friend, or your family then please get in touch with us as soon as possible.


Two local fathers that have been suffering at the hands of none complying mothers's and the family court legal system have come together to form a group to help and support anyone experiencing similar circumstances. One to one chats available as well as group meets. Please feel free to get in-touch any day, any time! There are people who can help.

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